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Introducing Exactic: Aniable Software's Latest Star Product!


Take Five!

Make on-screen measurements with eMeasure

Take programmable screenshots with SnapCam

Markup and illustrate images with cThis

Capture the color-code of any pixel with atColor

Magnify up to 25 times with Magnific



Digital calipers won't do the job!

The eMeasure function of Exactic can measure:
length, width, diagonal, area, angle and aspect ratio.
Trace a path and measure its length. Outline a shape
and measure area and perimeter.
Measure anything!



A camera or smart-phone isn't the right tool!

The SnapCam function of Exactic can snap a picture
of any area of your screen. It can take delayed, timed or
programmed sequences of shots or even take a snapshot
when anything changes in the framed area.
SnapCam Can!



Don't use a felt-tip to draw on your screen!

With the cThis function of Exactic, mark up screen shots
with comments, arrows or any marking you need to show
someone what you mean. Send the marked-up image via
email. Use cThis to say "See. This Is What I Mean!"



You can't reach in with tweezers and capture the color
code of a pixel on the screen!

But Exactic's atColor function can do the job for you.

Pick the color code of any pixel on the screen, save it to
a palette or paste it into a graphics program or html code.



If something on your desktop is too small to make out
or you just want to get a closer, more detailed look, don't
try to figure it out by holding a magnifier up to the monitor!

With the Exactic Magnific function enlarge portions of the
screen up to 25 times and even take a screenshot of it.


The Five-in-One Screen Tool!

eMeasure: Measure anything on your screen.

SnapCam: Take screenshots at a click or as programmed.

cThis: Markup screenshots or imported images.

atColor: Detect and record the color value of any pixel.

Magnific: Magnify portions of the screen up to 25 times.

Mouse over slide to pause - Remove mouse from slide to resume - Navigate with left-right arrow buttons - Replay slideshow

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List: $28.00

Exactic Take 5! eMeasure, SnapCam, cThis, atColor, Magnific


Measure anything on screen. Take screenshots at a click or programmed in sequence. Markup images with shapes, arrows, text, etc. Pick and save screen colors. Magnify anything on screen.

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