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About: Our Downloads

How to get our software

Aniable Software download files are of various types. Our basic installations - the files that will install one of our applications on your system are of two types. Or actually, one type packaged in two ways. In addition, several other auxillary files may be available for some products.

  1. Installation Executable: XXXX_Install.exe (Where XXXX is the name of one of our programs) A standard self-contained windows installer. After downloading it to your system, simply execute it by double clicking on it in Windows Explorer and it will prompt you through a full installation of the application. Everything required to install the application is included, the application, the help file in CHM format, any auxillary files and in some cases, sample files that will be installed into a named folder inside your Documents folder. (My Documents in XP).
  2. Zipped Installation Exe: The same file as above, but packaged inside a standard zip archive. In some cases your Internet Service provider may prevent you from downloading executable files or you may be behind a firewall that prevents executable downloads. In that case you may be able to download the zipped version. If your situation prevents even that, you will need to download the file somewhere else and transfer it on a CD or USB drive. You can also order a CD with all out downloads. The zip file also includes the CHM help file outside the executable so you can review it without running an installation.
  3. Help File Installer: XXXX_Help.exe If you are curious about one of our programs and want to explore the help file by itself and prefer to do so off-line, you can download our helpfile only installer. If you are downloading either product installer this file is included in the installation.
  4. Help File: XXXX.chm This is the plain compiled Help file. Download it and double click to open the application Help file.
  5. Docmentation PDFs: This is a re-factored version of the Help file processed into PDF format. You can browse it in Adobe Reader (Acrobat) or send it to a printer. There may be more than one pdf file inside the zip file.

Our application executables and installations are digitally signed for your protection using the signing technology developed by Microsoft. Our signed files are verified through the prominant signing authority Comodo and examining the sign wil prove that the file you receive is produced by us and has not been tampered with. PDF, CHM and Videao files are not signable. Your best protection is to download our files directly from this website.

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