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About: Acknowledgements, Credits & Attributions

All the responsibility - but not all the credit...

All the software and all the web-pages have been created by me, David Trump. I take responsibility but by a long shot I can't take all the credit.

Special Thanks to...

First and foremost - my dear wife (since 1963) Maureen, for patience, and love and believing in me.

Our children and their spouses and children: Matthew, Kate, Patrick, Sean, Tom, Maura, Sarah, Anne, Matthew, Rebecca, Joe

To the following individuals in no particular order:
Chemists and other scientists: John Dunkle, Richard Hofmann, Richard Trump Sr, Alan Kopelove, John Parsons, Dan Campbell, Bill Kapelle, Thomas Houts
Software help and general encouragment: Dennis Flanigan, Leroy Casterline, Richard Trump Jr., Dennis Volodomanov

To all my friends and correspondents in the Association of Software Professionals!

To the many customers who've purchased my software.

Finally, in memorium: Don McVicker, Lorene Trump, Kathryn McVicker, Richard F. Trump Sr.

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