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Aniable Software, Integral Scientist, proElements, proUnits, Amaze, EdgeWize, Professor Wizer, Exactic, CompRes and ProQuant are trademarks of David M. Trump doing business as Aniable Software.

David M Trump is the sole owner of all software, website contents, documentation and other materials associated with the above named products and is sole repsonsible for their content.

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Contents of this page, of this entire site, and of each and all of the programs presented at this site (unless specifically noted otherwise) are copyright on various dates by David M. Trump.

Aniable Software previously did business as QIVX Inc and before that as an unincorporated sole proprietor business as Integral Scientific Software. Integral Scientific Software entered business in 1989. In July 2001, incorporated and changed our name to Qivx Inc. Qivx Inc dissolved in 2007 and David Trump continues to do business as Aniable Software

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