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About: License Types and Delivery Options

How our products are licensed

For each of our products we have multiple License Types and Delivery Options for the purchased and licensed products.

Your license may be for a single user, up to five users in a home or small office, a single student user, or a site license for an academic institution. You can take delivery of your license information either by electronic means only or with the option of receiving a copy by postal mail of the software on CD.

The following license types apply for ISPT, UCon, EdgeWize and Exactic
  • Single User license

    This license permits either: use on one or two computers belonging to and used exclusively by one person -or- Use by multiple users on a single computer. The intent is that it is in use by only one person at a time. If the software may be in use by more than one user at a time, take advantage of our add-on license at a super bargain rate or purchase our Home/Small Office license.

  • Home/Small Office license

    Allows up to five installations on multiple computers in a home or a small office environment. A student's computer even if away at college is included in this license. It's our "best buy."

  • Additional License

    Add a user to a Single User or Home/Small Office License. This bargain license is to allow additional concurrent users beyond the one or five allowed by the Single User or Home/Small Office license.

  • Single User Academic license

    A stand-alone student or teacher academic license. A temporary 30 day license will be issued at time of purchase. The permanent license that does not expire will be issued upon receipt of proof of eligibility. An attached image of a student ID of the licensee or a scanned letter from a teacher on school letterhead identifying the buyer as a student or teacher is acceptable proof. Inquire for other alternatives.

  • Academic Site License (single campus)

    This license allows use of the software on all computers of a single academic entity. At the high school level that means any one school - at the university or college level that means any one department. Students of the institution can obtain upon request a voacher for a free home use license. Instructions for obtaining voachers are included in the shipment.

You can take delivery of our software products in two ways:
  • Digital Delivery

    Digital delivery includes both web-page and email delivery of the license codes. All Aniable Software software is subject to validation but otherwise freely downloadable. There are, at this time, no secondary installation downloads. Obtain the software installation either before or after licensing on the Downloads page, then validate the license by taking delivery of the license codes upon purchase and applying them according to directions.

  • On CD by mail

    Products identified as on CD by mail will receive a CD that contains all Aniable Software software and a hard-copy printout of the license codes that can be entered from the keyboard. The software can also be downloaded from the website and the license information is, as above, delivered on a web-page interface and by email at time of purchase.

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