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About: Our Privacy Policy

Your right to privacy is absolute!

  • Email from us We do not send marketing email - to you or to anyone else. Period! The only email you will ever get from us is in response to some request by you - for a license, for information, or for help with a problem.

  • Checking for updates and news: We would like to keep you "in the loop" regarding improvements in our products, special offers, and the release of new products. We don't email that news to you - we do that in a different way.

    Built into each of our applications is an optional query function. If you opt to turn it on, then when you launch the application, it requests a tiny bit of information from our website. It does NOT send any data about you or your system to our site, it just asks: "Is there anything new?" If there is an update to your application or important news about other products it notifiys the application. But we do NOT interrupt your work flow with a pop-up.

    Depending on the application, we will display a non-intrusive, non-interrupting message to let you know there is something new at Aniable Software. Click the announcement and your own browser will be sent to our web-site where you can read our "Aniable Software News". You will be asked during installation if you want to allow this service and you can turn this feature off anytime, if you want to, but we hope you won't.

  • We don't share your customer information. We do not consider your customer information to be a business asset that we have the right to sell. We will never give or sell your email address, or any other information about you, to anyone else.

  • We protect your personal information We take every possible precaution to guard your personal information from detection by others. Our customer databases are encrypted and there is no bank or financial information stored there - Our credit card processing is handled through FastSpring, our retailer, an extremely secure online transaction system. (We never see your credit card information.)

We do business by selling products to you - not by selling you to someone else!

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